Oral Care


  • 99.4% Natural
  • Formulated for sensitive teeth and gum to keep healthy oral


  • It protects sensitive teeth from pain by re-hardens the enamel
  • It prevents cavities and helps fight tartar, plaque build-up
  • It protects gum from inflammation and weaken from gingivitis
  • With the natural ingredients, it does not foam when brushing teeth

How to use

Squeeze adequate amount on toothbrush and brush teeth, twice a day


Aqua (Water), Hydrated silica, Sorbitol, Glycerin, Potassium citrate, Xylitol, Cellulose gum, Zinc citrate, Hydroxyapatite, Equisetum Arvense extract, Gaultheria Procumbens oil, Cocamidopropyl betaine oil, Sodium benzoate, Parfum (Flavor), CI 77891


100 ml