Unilife Healthcare | About Us
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Who is Unilife?

We started off as a community pharmacy in 1997, after being in the healthcare community few years, we noticed that there are still some missing puzzles in our market, thus, we start to import and distribute more safe, quality and professional products and innovate services that can improve people’s life and delivering optimum wellness from 2010 till today.

With our experience in the health and well-being industry and our strong roots in the community, Unilife has built a core range of thoughtfully selected, quality and functional products that enable our customers to succeed in a competitive and fast-evolving environment.

Unilife is also a partner of choice for independent pharmacy owners looking to succeed in this competitive and fast-evolving environment.

What do we do?

We believe that a wide range of products is required to satisfy the needs of our market, in order for them to stay healthy at every stage of life. Therefore, we are committed to providing access to safe, quality and affordable products related to healthcare and well being. Most of the products are produced based on innovative formula and experience in healthcare field.

To ensure that we can continue to deliver our services, promises and commitments to our customer and partners, we are focused on improving the way we do business through our partnership program with the healthcare providers and other retailers.


To empower our partners to enrich communities.


To deliver safe, quality and professional products, and innovate services that equip and inspire a different experience.