SevenStarz™ Partner Programme

A partner of choice for independent pharmacy owners, Unilife offers the SevenStarz™ Partner Programme, a structured cooperation programme designed to transform independent pharmacies in into new concept pharmacies.

Through its two-tier cooperation model, Unilife provides guidelines, sales and marketing support and training that empowers our partner pharmacies to knowledgeably deliver personalized top-to-toe advice to their customers.

Why SevenStarz™?

The name SevenStarz is derived from the Seven-Star pharmacist concept by World Health Organisation (WHO), depicting the role the of pharmacist i.e. as








SevenStarz presents and revives the aspiration for independent pharmacies to deliver what a community pharmacy is always meant to.

It is meaningful to consumers, especially as the concept of rating denotes quality.

Why partner with us?

The Unilife SevenStarz™ partner programme will help you transform your business to a new concept community pharmacy.

What we offer

A structured cooperation programme with a core range of exclusive,
quality functional products and a complete suite of support services,
Comparable to new concept pharmacy models in the UK and US.

Two-tiers of cooperation – simple and results-driven, minimal investment.

Our primary goal

To empower independent pharmacy owners to transform how
they operate and connect with customers.

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