SUISKIN Vitamin Powder Wash – The “Viral” Incident

We have noticed a huge need for Suiskin Vitamin Powder Wash (hereinafter referred to as “The Item”) in the market and many are trying to search for The Item. As the sole distributor of Suiskin and Isoi skincare products in Malaysia, Unilife Sdn. Bhd. would like to thank you all sincerely for the support.

Suiskin and Isoi are two trustworthy, premium quality skincare brands from Korea. They offer a variety of skincare products that suit different skin conditions, bringing effective results to their users. Unilife Sdn. Bhd. imported these 2 brands, hoping to help all those suffering from problematic skin to overcome their issues. Both Suiskin and Isoi are being distributed to and are available at selected pharmacy stores all over Malaysia.

Please refer to the link attached for details:

In addition, for those who are interested in The Item but have difficulties visiting relevant pharmacy stores, please send an inquiry mail to us via Contact Us page.

Thank you