The Blooming Dream of Women

Helps women to have lovely life with beautiful skin

Believing that the key for healthy and beautiful skin is “Natural”, Phy-mongshe puts effort in developing natural beauty products and provides genuine service to woman, hoping woman to love their skin as much as their life

Soul of therapist

Phy-mongshe aims to provide good quality skincare products to customers with therapist’s “Touch”, meaning to deliver gentle care with aesthetic and spa grade products that customers can enjoy at home

The right blend

Phy-mongshe product development supports minimum use of artificial ingredients for skin protection

* 7 Free: Paraben, Phenoxyethanol, Triethanolamine, Mineral oil, Artificial flavoring agents, Artificial colors, Benzophenone

4 Season Story

Phymongshe 4 season_2

Skin health is influenced by environmental changes such as sunlight and temperature. UV rays and extreme temperatures (hot or cold) will eventually lead to skin troubles like dry skin, oily skin and premature aging.

The season of skin

While skin troubles are closely related to skin type, Phy-mongshe incorporated the benefits from nature into products to deliver the energy of nature from different seasons to care different skin types. Each season’s products carry out own functions that match with the needs of skin, balancing skin to healthy condition.

Phy-mongshe’s Products